Atlantic Trio

Eoin Hartright (World Record Ocean Rower) with Mick at 12 and 16 years of age. After a series of presentations on board P&O’s famous Arcadia Cruise liner Mick was approached by Eoin and his Grandparents. Eoin a very polite and reserved 12 year old meeting Mick he told him he would one day row across the Atlantic Ocean. Less than four years later at the Henley ‘Premier screening’ of Discovery Channels ‘Rowing The Pacific’ Eoin came to meet Mick and tell him he was taking part in the Atlantic Rowing Race in 2013. If successful, starting the race at just 16 years of age, this would mean he would become the youngest person ever to row across an ocean..

Before shot – December 2013 Eoin Hartright and his team Atlantic Quad, left to right; Tom Alden, Simon Hartwright his uncle, Eoin and Skipper Matt Collier.

Website for Atlantic Quad:

February 2013: Congratulations to all the Crew of Atlantic Trio! Atlantic Trio rowing across the finish line in Antigua having successfully rowed across the Atlantic Ocean.

Passing it on: On his return to the UK Eoin wasted no time taking his incredible story into schools and colleges to inspire the next generation to achieve their goals.