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Mick Dawson was honoured to be invited to be the key note speaker for the opening ceremony of the SSM Maritime Show 2014 in Hamburg September the 8th. The worlds leading fair for the maritime industry.

Micks Ocean Rowing adventures on the Atlantic and North Pacific were very well received by a highly distinguished maritime audience numbering over five hundred. After the presentation Mick mingled with the guests answering their many and varied questions.

‘It was a fantastic event at a great venue and a real pleasure to be allowed to tell my story to such a distinguished maritime audience.’ Mick said afterwards.


Atlantic Trio

Teenager Eoin Hartwright from Oxfordshire is bidding to become the youngest rower to cross the Atlantic Ocean entering him into the Guiness Book of Records.

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Mick officially handing over his beloved ‘Bo’ to her new owner and ‘pilot’ Daryl Farmer September 2012. Daryl is taking part in Chris Martins Pacific Rowing Race from California to Hawaii.

Are some lives worth more than others? and an Interview with film-maker, adventurer and motivational speaker Mick Dawson.

August 2014: Ruth Copland Radio Show Podcast:

Ruth Copland an ex-pat radio presenter in California who met Mick when he and Chris rowed into San Francisco invited him onto her show:

September 8th 2014: Mick Dawson is the Keynote Speaker at Europe’s leading Maritime Industry Fair the SMM in Hamburg. The SMM website:

Golden Gate Endeavour Third Solo Attempt

This video was originally made by Mick Dawson for his third solo attempt at rowing across the North Pacific Ocean. Since this video was produced he has asked Chris Martin to join him and they have successfully achieved to for the pacific

UK Record-breaking rowers discuss Climate Change

Mick Dawson and Chris Martin spent 6 months and 6000+ miles rowing from Japan to San Francisco. Here they discuss their record-breaking experiences and the climate change they witnessed out in the Pacific Ocean.

Golden Gate Endeavour Makes History - Chris Martin, Mick Dawson on \"Bojangles\"

Chris Martin and Mick Dawson aboard \"Bojangles\" row under the Golden Gate Bridge making history. They are the first to row successfully row across the Pacific Ocean. They left Japan in May of 2009 and rowed under the Golden Gate Bridge on Friday the 13th, November 2009.

Arrival: Friday 13th November
16:25 GMT
189 days, 10 hrs, 55 mins

Rowing The Pacific Interview

We caught up with Chris Martin and Mick Dawson who spent weeks in a boat only 23 foot long, braved horrendous storms and came perilously close to running out of supplies as they attempted to row across the Pacific ocean.

Rowing The Pacific: Mick Dawson's Bucket List

What are the top 5 things on Mick Dawson\'s bucket list?

Rowing The Pacific - Exhausted to Hallucination

From the very start, Mick and Chris knew they were putting their lives on the line by even attempting this highly dangerous voyage. There had already been six failed attempts -- including one fatal one -- to cross the North Pacific. Mick himself had been involved in two of them, including an expedition that ended in a terrifying capsize when his boat was flooded by a freak wave.

Rowing The Pacific - Hurricane Whilst Rowing

This extraordinary one-off documentary recounts the incredible story of two British men who risked their lives again and again in pursuit of an astonishing world record; to row the entire length of the Pacific Ocean.

Overcoming perilous hurricanes, life-threatening electrical storms, 50-foot waves, near starvation and a fire that almost took their lives, Mick Dawson and Chris Martin set a new world record when they rowed 7000 miles across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to San Francisco in just 189 days. With exclusive access to the unique footage they recorded on-board every step of their compelling journey, Rowing the Pacific makes for a compelling, high-adrenaline adventure program which will grip and inspire audiences.

Mick Dawson Spectrawatermakers www 189days com

This Man Has MAJOR Back Pain! Mick Dawson

Mick Dawson rowed a boat for 6 months from Japan to San Francisco. He came in for one session of Active Myofascial Therapy to take care of his aching back. We filmed this in a "Before" and "After" session sequence. He left feeling \"2 stones lighter\" and thought AMT was \"very effective and worth rowing all the way from Japan to SF for it!"

Golden Gate Endeavor Food Drop

Chris Martin and Mick Dawson aboard the state of the art rowing vessel "Bojangles" are in their final stage of rowing to the San Francisco Bay from Japan. We caught up with them in a helicopter just over 100 nautical miles off the coast of Northern California to make a food drop.

Bojangles at the San Francisco Maritime Museum

Bojangles is the state of the art ocean rowing boat custom built by Mick Dawson to withstand the harsh conditions of the Pacific and North Atlantic oceans. In 2009, Bojangles completed an epic 7000 mile journey from Japan to San Francisco at the hands of Mick Dawson and Chris Martin.

She is now on display in the San Francisco Maritime Museum where she will become a live working exhibit in March 2012 as she is refitted for her next journey. This time Mick Dawson will be joined by Andrew Morris as they row her across the North Atlantic Ocean and through the British inland waterways into the heart of London as part of the OAR project.