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The opening ceremony of SMM Hamburg ''I have seen and listened to many keynote speakers during my years in the exhibition business: Mick was absolutely one of the few very best. I wish him the utmost success for his next ventures and hope to see him again soon.''

The opening ceremony of SMM Hamburg

”I have seen and listened to many keynote speakers during my years in the exhibition business: Mick was absolutely one of the few very best. I wish him the utmost success for his next ventures and hope to see him again soon.”
Bernd Aufderheide President and Chief Executive Officer

Mick Dawson

delivers presentations that are unique, awe inspiring and inspirational in equal measure. Tailoring stories of his incredible ocean rowing adventures specifically to have relevance in today’s business work place. Mick emphasises the key issues to success not least; resilience and the fundamental ethos of great teamwork, and its essential value to any organisation or company.


Mick gave a highly fascinating and extremely entertaining report about his many rowing adventures across the Atlantic and Pacific ocean. The 500 guests of the opening ceremony of SMM – the leading international maritime trade fair – listened with their mouths open to follow the inspiring and at the same time humorous mixture. Fascinating pictures and videos of his journeys captivated his audience from the first moment. I have seen and listened to many keynote speakers during my years in the exhibition business: Mick was absolutely one of the few very best. I wish him the utmost success for his next ventures and hope to see him again soon.

Bernd Aufderheide | President and Chief Executive Officer Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung

In June 2014 I took over the position of Business Unit Director for SMM Hamburg– the leading international maritime trade fair. One of my first decisions to make was the selection of a keynote speaker for the opening ceremony of SMM. It was a wonderful coincidence that I had just seen a documentary of Mick’s rowing adventure on Discovery Channel and I thought right away that Mick and Chris would be the right guys for the opening evening and I was happy when Mick was available. I was even happier when the presentation of Mick during our opening ceremony turned out to be the success I hoped for. Many of our exhibitors came to congratulate me for one of the best opening ceremonies ever, mostly due to Mick’s great presentation. Vielen Dank lieber Mick!.

Claus Ulrich Selbach | Unit Director for SMM Hamburg

Mick Dawson presented at the Spalding Club in February 2014.

He has several talks relating to his exploits in Rowing the Pacific and Atlantic both as an individual and in tandem. The presentation he gave us was focused principally on his dramatic sinking and Rescue in the Pacific as a Solo Rower in 2004, but it also covered the physical and mental fitness required for such an expedition together with his recollections of his successful entrance into San Francisco Harbour as skipper of a double team after 189 days at sea.

The delivery gave our members a memorable evening, and all commented on the calm and unassuming character of a man who had achieved so much in this sphere of Human Endeavour.

I would thoroughly recommend Mick to anyone wishing to receive an uplifting, inspiring and motivational presentation.

John Ralph | Speaker Finder for the Spalding Club Limited

Just a few quick words to thank you for the great presentation which you gave whilst here in the Falklands Islands in December, I have been asked by so many people if you were coming back at some time and if so can I please get the word out so they can attend.

For those of us that were there it was the talking point for long after you had left and is still talked about so you left your mark on the Falkland Islands in more ways than one.

From us at SAMA and the FVF we would like to say this very interesting and highly informative talk should not be missed by anyone if they have the chance to see it.

Gary Clement | MBE

Mick Dawson is the type of adventurer who built the California West, the dreamer of impossible dreams who earns in most daring fashion the right to pass through the mighty Golden Gate into San Francisco. He takes us with him on a voyage that is equal parts conquest of nature, marvel of the sea’s cruel beauty, exploration of our own dreams and our strength to realize them… with a grateful measure of good humor.

Paul Oliva | On-the-waterfront columnist, San Francisco Chronicle

Your presentation at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park was outstanding. For anyone with an appetite for adventure, your voyage across the Pacific, powered only by your own strength and determination at the oars, represents the pinnacle of what it means to reach for a dream. Your account of this epic journey reminds us just how beautiful and fragile are the oceans that connect us all.

Howard Levitt | Acting Superintendent San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

Mick is an engaging speaker with just the right mix of humor, insight, and narrative. To vicariously experience his epic journey is truly inspiring. If you ever had a dream, Mick will first show you how a dream can become an ambition, and then inspire you to believe that what you thought was out of your reach is attainable through perseverance, determination, and faith. Through the telling of his story, subtle yet powerful messages emerge on the themes of partnership, creative problem-solving, goal-setting, nurturing strengths, and managing challenges. Mick’s story is a testament to what the human spirit can achieve and is an apt metaphor for any area of personal or organizational growth. Our students and faculty were entranced and enthused by Mick’s informative and entertaining talk.

Percy L. Abram PhD | Percy L. Abram PhD Head of School Gateway Elementary Santa Cruz, California

Mick spoke for an hour to an audience of 1200 people which included boys and girls aged from 11-18 and approximately 100 staff. His delivery was clear, the pace was good and he used images to illustrate and highlight the issues he was raising. The audience were enthralled from start to finish.
Mick’s experiences are awe inspiring, so much so that many people, staff and students alike commented that his assembly was one of the best they had seen. He was truly inspirational.
I have been fortunate in my career to have listened to many first class public speakers in the world of sport including Olympic and Paralympic athletes and professional sportsmen but the presentation given by Mick Dawson was the most impressive and motivational I have heard. We hope that he will accept an invitation to return in the future.

R. W. Orkney | Director of Sport, Devonport High School for Boys, Plymouth, England

Mick Dawson gave an inspirational and humorous talk that had 420 students and staff spell bound as he recounted his dramatic voyage during an hour long assembly. The adventure and Mick’s ability to grasp the audience and hold them with dramatic and breathtaking details of all his voyages was exceptional. The theme of overcoming adversity and determination supported by preparation was perfect for the audience and the message was fully received with open jaws and deep admiration for Mick. He also spent time answering questions about his voyages; this was done with plenty of humour and excellent pitch given the ages of some students, again showing Mick’s ability to read the requirements of his audience. Mick Dawson had an extraordinary impact, he will continue to be discussed and referred to many times over the coming months and we hope to rebook Mick for future presentations. I would recommend Mick Dawson without reservation.

Mr S G Talbert | Teacher of History and Assistant Year Team Leader Ivybridge Community College, Hartford Road, Plympton, Devon